Vital Aging proposes to build a comprehensive senior center hub -  The Murdaugh Center - on 1.25 acres of property centrally located in downtown Kingstree at the corners of Mill and Academy Streets. This proposed new Senior Center will feature a large multi-purpose dining/activity room, craft room, quiet/library area, physical fitness exercise equipment room, technology center,  health room, conference/public meeting room and  administrative offices are included. The center is named in honor of Vital Aging's first Board Chair, Mr. Winfred Olin Murdaugh, Sr. (1936-2006), who faithfully guided the agency in its formative years.

With an ever-growing 60 + population, it is essential to reach more seniors. The new Murdaugh Senior Center Hub will provide  an increased space for more seniors to participate in group dining and activities.  This new center will help reduce the effects of  social isolation among the senior population of the County and offer physical fitness, exercise classes, health and nutrition education, health screenings and programs, crafts, games, computers, fun/cultural field trips, and more to promote healthy living for this underserved population of mature adults. Intergenerational activities will build and increase community participation and partnerships.

The Murdaugh Senior Center Hub will provide a boost to the Town of Kingstree's successful ongoing Main Street downtown revitalization program. It will help to increase the number of individuals coming downtown on a daily basis and contribute financially to the local economy.  This new facility will revitalize a blighted corner of downtown and replace it with an attractive modern facility that will serve senior citizens of Kingstree and Williamsburg County for generations to come.